Taczka wędkarska WW4


WW4 transport cart

fishing barrow

The best choice for an angler who prefers to go for long fishing sessions. The cart will certainly accommodate basic equipment, including a bed and other accessories. It has a solid and well balanced design, as well as adjustable side and front bars and the possibility of folding the handle. What is innovative about it is that it can be used as a wheelbarrow if you replace the two wheels with one wheel.

Very strong steel structure, retractable side beams as well as the front wall supporting the luggage, two wheels that can be changed into one equipped with a tread that facilitates moving on difficult ground, two rear legs with large feet to ensure the stability of the cart during rest, two front telescopic legs, adjustable rear load supporting the luggage, ergonomically shaped handles, the possibility of folding the side beams and handles guided by joints for better storage of the cart.

backrest height
max. load50 kg