We manufactured the first small folding travel chairs in 1991, for pilgrims coming to Czestochowa for World Youth Day.

Our product was a bestseller and three years later feeder chairs became the main product manufactured by the Elektrostatyk company.

Over the past 25 years we have launched dozens of models of feeder chairs, which received recognition and awards at major trade fairs in Europe. We constantly adapt to changes in fishing techniques and changes in the needs and requirements of our customers. New concepts and solutions, which are developed every day, combine with our expertise acquired over the years, which allows us to set development trends for the whole industry.

Currently, we export our products to numerous places, from Riga to Belgrade and from Brussels to Moscow. Since 2007 we have also supplied the Polish Army and Fire Brigade with field furniture. The fact that the cooperation with these institutions has lasted nearly 10 years proves the provided products offer a consistently high level of quality.


Our company has received numerous prizes and awards. When participating in major European trade fairs for our industry, we always show new models of chair for tourists or fishermen.

Every model we have presented has earned great recognition. We have received several awards both for general company activity as well as the launch of an individual product.


    Roughly every decade a minor revolution takes place in the fishing techniques, which changes the needs and demands of a contemporary angler. Therefore our technology is constantly evolving, taking into account the changes which occur.

    Invariably, however, the technology we use guarantees resistance to heavy loads, thanks to using pipes and steel profiles with thicker walls than any other available on the market.


    Excellent product quality has always been our priority. Therefore, our manufacturing process involves producing small batches, which facilitates ongoing control and enables us to respond rapidly to any faults detected during production. In each department there are two members of staff in charge of quality control, but all our employees are aware that product quality is the most important.

    Our commitment to quality is confirmed by almost no claims made by our customers – they make up only a thousandth of the total sales.


    In addition to the robust design, our products are renowned for exquisite workmanship. The painted frame is combined with the textile part, which is made of highly durable polyester fabrics. The fabrics are PVC-coated to make them waterproof. Sewing is performed using polyester threads, the same as the ones used for car seats. Polyurethane foam provides thermal insulation.

    We use the best machinery available on the market in the manufacturing process: Durkopp sewing machines, Arburg injectors, Wagner painting equipment.