Pokrowiec PK2


Transport Bag PK2

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The bag intended for transport and storage of fishing chairs along with dedicated footrests or platforms. CUZO F2, CUZO F3, F5R, F5R ST/P, FK2, FK5, FK6, FK7. The bag is made of a durable and solid polyester fabric that is easy to keep clean. Another advantage of the product is water resistance and resistance to accidental soiling. The design allows of easy transport with a use of a shoulder strap enriched with a sponge lining, increasing the comfort of transport. Side adjustments make it possible to adjust the bag to a given model of the chair so that the contents of the bag do not move. The whole is closed with a type 10 zipper. The product completely manufactured in Poland.

depth28 cm
width68 cm
backrest height
max. load